What others have to say about Shimmy Sister Kate

Kathryn Ferguson

International performer, instructor, filmmaker


“Sublime is the word that comes to mind while watching Kate dance. Full of elegance, humor and grace, you just can’t take your eyes off her. And as a teacher, Kate is intelligent and thorough, demonstrating her personal skill, as well as extracting the best from a student.”


Dancer and instructor; Tucson, AZ

“Kate is one of the most passionate and soulful dancers I have ever seen. Her movements are so beautiful and her musical interpretation so elegant that it is impossible to take one’s eyes off of her. Through her skill and dance personality, she brings in an audience and won’t let them go.”

Susan Tiss

Performer and artist; Tucson, AZ

“As a performer, Kate is a sublime dancer who displays a keen understanding of rhythm. She at once transcends and embodies the music. I never tire of watching her dance. As a teacher, Kate is able to breakdown movements and rhythm into comprehensible pieces. She uses her understanding of how the body moves combined with her years of experience to create a safe environment in which new and more experienced dancers can learn and grow.”


Tamalyn dallal

International performer and instructor, founding member of the Belly Dance Superstars


"Shimmy Sister Kate is an artist. A theatrical performer of Middle Eastern dance. She incorporates knowledge of dance, culture and theater and gives dignity to our dance form. I had the pleasure of working with her through my former studio, the Zamani Culture House, and enjoyed her intelligence and creativity."

Shari James (Safeya)

Dancer and artist, Whidbey Island, WA

“I’ve been a dancer since 1965, first performance in 1968 -grew up in the Middle East, moved to LA and started dancing there, and eventually moved up to Whidbey in 1973.

“I was the first teacher on Whidbey Island teaching in all areas, North, Central and South. Recently, I’ve come to know Kate Pitroff through a mutual master teacher of ours, Kathryn Ferguson of Tucson AZ. I was astonished with Kate’s performances and academia, and therefore promoted and hosted workshops and was extremely pleased to see her teaching classes here in Langley. Kate expresses her art with grace, dignity and respect.”


Yvonne Holowell

Dancer; Tucson, AZ

"Kate is one of the most soulful dancers I have ever seen! Watching her, you can see her love for the music and the dance. She dances as if nothing else in the world exists, or matters, but her and the song. Great emotion is captured in every beautiful performance!

As an instructor, Kate excels in her ability to help her students have great confidence not only in movement and choreography, but also in the fact that they have become more aware of the emotions the movements should convey.

It has been a great honor & pleasure for me to have had the chance to learn from and dance beside Kate!!!"