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I am pleased to share that I am a featured performer in the Xanadu Collective's "Mediterranean Nights -- the Finale", taking place Saturday, August 26th.

This show is one in a number of events taking place that weekend, all of which are designed to celebrate the life and legacy of my mentor, Kathryn Ferguson.

Kathryn led a truly astonishing life. She traveled the world for years as an accomplished dancer and instructor, and created one of the first Mideastern Dance instructional videos. She made two award-winning documentary films about the Raramuri people: "The Unholy Tarahumara" and "Rita of the Sky". She also wrote several books -- she was a contributor to "Crossing with the Virgin: Stories from the Migrant Trail", and wrote "The Haunting of the Mexican Border", a memoir that described the changes she encountered as a lifelong citizen of the borderlands. She also spent years working with the Samaritans, aiding migrants found stranded in the Sonoran desert.

We'll start with a mini film festival of hers works, which is co-hosted by our friends at the Loft Cinema. ($10)

Then, we will present our Gala show Saturday night, featuring performances by Ava Fleming, Ashtalea, Tina Sargent, Seven Veils Belly Dance, HipNautique, the Xanadu Collective, the Xanadu Alumni, flamenco by Barbara "La Flamencista" & Mireille, dances of the African diaspora by Barbea Williams Performing Company, and Balkan vocal music by Mzekala. ($20)


Sunday morning, we'll offer three mini-workshops by Ava Fleming, Ashtalea of Las Vegas, and myself, ($40/1, $75/2, $100/all three)


and then Sunday night, we will host a hafla, featuring performances by professional dancers, students, and friends. A delicious meal is included in your ticket price. ($10)


All events are fundraisers, with proceeds to offset Kathryn's medical and final expenses. This promises to be an awesome weekend, and I hope you will join us.







Kate began studying Middle Eastern dance as a sophomore in high school. Her background in vocal performance, combined with her new hobby, led to a fascination with Arabic music. Her desire to translate the lyrics of her dance music led to Arabic language classes. Arabic classes led to her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Arizona, which allowed her to study Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian and Levantine dialects, as well as Arabic grammar and literature.

Kate considers herself a “thinky” dancer, who loves study and discussion of dance concepts and techniques: staging, musicality, characterization, and improvisation. She is sought after as an instructor because of her musical expertise, theatrical presentation, and thorough, humorous breakdown of class material.

You can reach Shimmy Sister Kate for booking at, or through her Facebook page here.

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